How to use PassEto

PassEtoPassEto creates unique, strong passwords for every account you need. You can use our tool for websites, online banking, system logins, encryption keys and WiFi passwords.

To generate a password you must first decide on a secret passcode and PIN. These will be used whenever you want to create or retrieve a password. You must NEVER reveal this to anyone.

Once you’ve decided on these, enter them into the relevant text boxes, along with the name of the account you want the password for. This could be the website address, server name or WiFi network name. You can use anything you like, but make it’s logical otherwise you won’t be able to remember it! For example rather than “my facebook account”. If you used the latter you might add a full stop the next time, or add capitals. Even this smallest of change will generate a completely different password, so keep it sensible!

Next, choose the length of password you need to create. Use the descriptions to help guide you. Once you’ve entered all the information, click “Generate Password” and hey presto!


What if I forget my passcode or PIN?

You have a problem! To keep your details as secret as possible, we never store any of this information. PassEto is designed so there is no method for converting the generated passwords back into the original components. So make sure you remember them both.

How does it work?

By using a mathematical technique called ‘hashing’, we combine the three pieces of information you provide and run them through thousands of iterations. Given the same information, PassEto will always generate the same password.

Can my master passcode and PIN be found?

There is no way of reversing the mathematical process we run. The only way someone could attempt to find your passcode and PIN would be to run hundreds of thousands of guesses. This process could take hundreds of years, so it isn’t very feasible!

Do you save my passwords?

No, we never save your passcode, PIN or any passwords.

What if someone finds out my passcode and PIN?

This is extremely serious. If this were to happen, you must decide on a new passcode and PIN and generate new passwords for all your accounts. As with password safe programs, once someone else has your information you must changes all accounts as quickly as possible to minimise impact.

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