ISO 27001 & Information Security

Information is at the core of most businesses and recent cases of high profile data loss has highlighted how critical it is to protect information within organisations.

Neterix can help you implement an information security system and guide you through the ISO 27001 process.


Gambling Commission Security Audits

Any organisation within the UK offering remote gambling services must comply with the UK Gambling Commission’s set of requirements.

Neterix offer the ISMS security auditing services required to hold a license.


Scalable Server Infrastructures

If you need your website or other IT systems to scale with load, we can help you build the right solution. Using a blend of cloud services, virtual machines and containers like Docker, we can build flexible infrastructures and save you money.


Intrusion Detection & Honeypots

Do you know who is on your network right now? Our network security solution monitors your network for attackers or malware who have got past your firewall and may be slowly stealing your data.


Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

Test your servers and networks to identify any potential weaknesses an attacker could exploit. We can provide regular assessments, PCI ASV scanning and more in-depth penetration testing.



Are you compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation? With increased fines for those in breach, it is essential you implement the right controls.


Cyber Essentials

A new Government backed and industry supported scheme designed to help organisations large and small protect themselves against common cyber attacks. Get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve certification.

SMS Services

Communicate with your customers, set up alerts for support staff or provide authentication services all through the humble text message. Our services all you to send messages at low rates and easily receive messages from your clients.


Business Continuity & Data Recovery

How would you cope without your computer systems? Any organisation that relies on IT for at least some part of their activities must consider a business continuity plan.



Keeping your staff up-to-date with the latest software and systems is always a challenge. We offer a variety of standard and bespoke courses that can be delivered to your staff on-site.