Business Continuity
& Data Recovery

How much would it cost your organisation if your IT systems were unavailable or you lost critical business data?

Technology now lies at the heart of many organisations. IT systems are often embedded in many parts of day-to-day business and many rely on it to function. It is important that you ask yourself, “How would we cope if our IT systems were unavailable for a period of time?”. Many organisations have discovered to their cost that not having critical client databases, stock databases or even a simple accounts system can lose customer confidence and many days of work.

Your organisation is unique, therefore it is essential that you find a solution that fits your needs and not a basic off-the-shelf package.

Any business continuity plan should clearly identify what systems are critical to your work. Without a risk assessment process your organisation may miss important systems or implement solutions that are more extensive (and therefore costly) than required.

The important factor is to calculate how much it would cost if your IT systems were offline for a period. Neterix can help your organisation form a business continuity plan, drawing on our experience and knowledge of available technologies we can help form a relevant and effective plan to help protect against the worst happening.

Data Recovery

Should the worst happen, Neterix can also provide data recovery services to help rescue your critical data. Using specialist commercial and in-house tools we can analyse the medium, recover and rebuild data thought to have been lost.

If you believe data has been deleted or a disk is about to fail, it is essential that you act fast. We advise that you do not attempt to recover the files yourself without seeking advice. If we believe there is no risk of further damage and there may be a chance of you being able to recover the files yourself we will tell you. We will never take advantage of a very stressful time for you if there is no requirement for our specialist service.


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