Dragger (alt-drag)

If you're a Linux / Unix user you may use the alt-drag functionality. This allows the user to move windows by clicking on any part and not just the title bar. As our team regularly move between operating systems, this feature was missed in Windows. So, we made a small utility that emulates this functionality.

The tool was originally designed for in-house use, but after interest from others we decided to make it available for all. There is no fancy GUI or install process. Just run the executable and the app will sit in your system tray (we recommend automatically running it at startup). To use it, simply hold the alt key and you can drag the window, even if not in focus, by clicking anywhere on it and moving your mouse. 

Drive Letters First

Sometimes the smallest of tweaks can help with your daily workflow. If you used computers in the MS-DOS days you'll no doubt think in terms of drive letters when accessing your disks and network shares.

Microsoft Windows defaults to showing the drive label or network share name first, meaning the drive letter can often be harder to quickly identify. This utility updates your Windows settings to show the drive letter first and then the label.

All you need to do is run the tool and reopen your Explorer window to see the result. If you don't like it, just run the tool again to return to the default setting.


Birthday Calculator

Have you ever wondered which days of the week your birthday will land on the most? Or what day your 70th birthday will be? No, neither had we until a conversation in the office one afternoon! Being techies, the obvious answer was to create a calculator.

Whilst an obvious solution was to use a spreadsheet, we had to take it further and create a small app. This is purely a fun prototype that we thought we'd share, so don't expect any robust error checking or a user manual!

Retired Products

Audit Buddy

A tool originally developed for our own auditors to assist them when on-site. This program provides a structured interface to make notes and record all your findings securely and easily produce reports from the data collected.

Forensic Lab Database

When managing a digital forensics lab of any size it is essential that all of the information is recorded in a secure, auditable manner.

Our system can track jobs, evidence items, examiner notes and their progression through the system. Managers can use the system to easily view the progress of all jobs and report relevant statistics.

Along with our expanding range of software, we also offer custom software design and implementation services. If you have the need for a custom solution, Neterix can help you identify the exact requirements and build a bespoke system that helps your organisation.


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