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Managed WiFi Hotspots

If you offer Internet access to your customers, guests or business associates it is important you consider the implications.

Our managed hotspot solutions allow you to control exactly who has access to your network and what they can do when using it. By restricting what sites they can view and placing bandwidth restrictions you can prevent users from abusing your connection.

Each user is given an expiry date, meaning that their account will be automatically removed after that time. This ensures users only have access when you permit them without having to remember to manually remove the accounts.

We can also offer a logging functionality that will record the websites each user access. This can be essential should the worst happen and a user accesses illegal material and it is traced back to your Internet connection.

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Fed up of trying to remember passwords for all your accounts? PassEto allows you to manage all your passwords in a simple and safe way. Use a different password for each account you have, just don’t worry about having to remember them!!

The PassEto project was created after our own team faced the problem of trying to remember a whole list of passwords. With the recent high profile attacks on websites that have resulted in user passwords being exposed, we decided that the tool should be made available for everyone.

Our tool takes a different approach to managing all your passwords. Instead of attempting to create a form of secure storage, either on a local computer or in the cloud, PassEto NEVER saves any of your passwords. Instead it uses a repeatable method of generating passwords for each of your accounts, so you can always access them.


Audit Buddy

A tool originally developed for our own auditors to assist them when on-site. This program provides a structured interface to make notes and record all your findings securely and easily produce reports from the data collected.


Forensic Lab Database

When managing a digital forensics lab of any size it is essential that all of the information is recorded in a secure, auditable manner.

Our system can track jobs, evidence items, examiner notes and their progression through the system. Managers can use the system to easily view the progress of all jobs and report relevant statistics.

Along with our expanding range of commercial and Open Source software, we also offer custom software design and implementation services. If you have the need for a custom solution, Neterix can help you identify the exact requirements and build a bespoke system that helps your organisation.


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