Fed up of trying to remember passwords for all your accounts? PassEto allows you to manage all your passwords in a simple and safe way. Use a different password for each account you have, just don’t worry about having to remember them!!

The PassEto project was created after our own team faced the problem of trying to remember a whole list of passwords. With the recent high profile attacks on websites that have resulted in user passwords being exposed, we decided that the tool should be made available for everyone.

Our tool takes a different approach to managing all your passwords. Instead of attempting to create a form of secure storage, either on a local computer or in the cloud, PassEto NEVER saves any of your passwords. Instead it uses a repeatable method of generating passwords for each of your accounts, so you can always access them.

Protect yourself

– Create a unique, random password for every account you have.

– PassEto never stores your passwords, so there is no password store or location that could be lost or stolen.

Easy to use

– Just remember a single passcode & PIN for all your accounts!

– Simple and quick to use, just add the name of the account you require a password for and click ‘generate’.

Free to use

– No account or subscription required, use PassEto without relying on any third-party service.

– Install the free app on all your computers or use it online.

Use PassEto everywhere

– Access PassEto through our  app or online.

– The app works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

– Online version compatible with mobile devices.

How to use PassEto

PassEto creates unique, strong passwords for every account you need. You can use our tool for websites, online banking, system logins, encryption keys and WiFi passwords.

To generate a password you must first decide on a secret passcode and PIN. These will be used whenever you want to create or retrieve a password. You must NEVER reveal this to anyone.

Once you’ve decided on these, enter them into the relevant text boxes, along with the name of the account you want the password for. This could be the website address, server name or WiFi network name. You can use anything you like, but make it’s logical otherwise you won’t be able to remember it! For example rather than “my facebook account”. If you used the latter you might add a full stop the next time, or add capitals. Even this smallest of change will generate a completely different password, so keep it sensible!

Next, choose the length of password you need to create. Use the descriptions to help guide you. Once you’ve entered all the information, click “Generate Password” and hey presto!


By using a mathematical technique called ‘hashing’, we combine the three pieces of information you provide and run them through thousands of iterations. Given the same information, PassEto will always generate the same password.

No, we never save your passcode, PIN or any passwords.

There is no way of reversing the mathematical process we run. The only way someone could attempt to find your passcode and PIN would be to run hundreds of thousands of guesses. This process could take hundreds of years, so it isn’t very feasible!

You have a problem! To keep your details as secret as possible, we never store any of this information. PassEto is designed so there is no method for converting the generated passwords back into the original components. So make sure you remember them both.

This is extremely serious. If this were to happen, you must decide on a new passcode and PIN and generate new passwords for all your accounts. As with password safe programs, once someone else has your information you must changes all accounts as quickly as possible to minimise impact.

More information

Life has changed, but the human brain hasn’t! It seems like every computer system or website we use requires us to create an account, which in turn needs a password. Whilst we could (and many do) choose to use the same password for all sites this is not recommended. Doing this means that if only one site you use is compromised an attacker could gain access to all your accounts.

Therefore we should use a strong, unique password for every system we use. This is where the human brain is falling behind! We have not evolved to remember 20, 30 or more unique passwords. So to help us we need to use some form of tool to help us remember.

The most popular solution is using a ‘password safe’. This is an encrypted container that stores all your passwords, protected by a master password. Whilst there are many very good services offering this service out there, not everyone is happy entrusting a third party with their passwords. Also, if that company decided to close its doors or went offline for some time – so would all your passwords!

This is where our PassEto project was developed. Our engineers were busy trying to remember all the passwords when they started developing a tool to save them hassle. Speaking to customers we soon realised everyone else could make use of our tool. So we have decided to release it completely free of charge. You can download and use the tool with no need for a third-party online tool.

How does it work?
There are many random password generators available that will create a very strong password. However the important word israndom. Every time you run them they generate a new password, meaning if you don’t record them there is no method of recovery. PassEto works by generating passwords that appear random, but are guaranteed to be the same given the same input data. This means you don’t have to store your password anywhere as it can be re-generated on demand.

The process of generating your password makes use of a technique called ‘hashing’, a mathematical process that is irreversible. Often referred to as ‘one-way encryption’, there is no automatic way of reversing the process and obtaining the original data.

How do I use it?
For every password you want to generate, you will need three pieces of information: name (for websites this would be the address, i.e., your master password and a PIN. The last two should be the same for every password you generate. This means you only have to remember one password and a PIN number. Just enter the name of the website or system you want your password for and PassEto will generate you a unique, strong password.

How safe is it?
By using a combination of the system / website name, your password and PIN, your data will be run through thousands of iterations of irreversible hashing and modifications. The only way an attacker could attempt to obtain your password would be by effectively running a simple guessing game. Each guess would involve thousands of iterations, meaning any attempts could potentially take thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years to run!

How do it get it?
We have desktop versions of the application for Windows, Mac and Linux available to download. We also have an online version coming soon so you can use if working on a different computer.


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