Information Security

Information is at the core of most businesses and recent high profile cases of data loss has highlighted how critical it is to protect information within organisations.

Neterix can help you implement an information security system and guide you through the ISO 27001 process. Our experienced auditors can offer practical advice, training and assistance in building your information security management system (ISMS).

Implement Practical Solutions

When implementing an ISMS it is essential that you and your staff are involved at every stage of development. Whilst out-sourcing the creation of an ISMS may seem attractive, most who have done this realise that it was a false economy. We ask “Who knows your business the best?”, is it your staff who work in it every day or a consultant who visits for a few days?

We will not write an ISMS without your involvement. We can provide the experience of implementing such systems, but you are the experts in what you do. By combining these, we can help you build a system that works and won’t just be put in a drawer until the next audit. If a system requires you to operate in a less efficient way, then it has been implemented incorrectly. The standard exists to help protect you and your customers, not to have you spend half your working week filling out new forms.

A team with real experience

We strongly believe that anyone involved in any form of ISO 27001 / Information Security consultancy must themselves have experience of implementing it. It is only with the experience of managing large networks or information security projects that a consultant can provide clear and useful advice in implementing such systems. Computing is a fast moving industry so without the right knowledge a consultant may struggle to provide the best advice that suits your organisation. Whilst an ISMS system is not entirely based on IT systems, it is at the core of it and must therefore be correctly approached.

Our team clearly explain the steps and provide friendly advice throughout the process. They will provide the support you need to implement ISO 27001 and maintain a useful system for years to come.
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