Network Security & Design

Getting the design and management of your network correct can save time, money and help reduce the risk of security incidents. By analysing how your systems will be used – the physical layout and what data each staff member requires for their job, a more structured and secure network can be built.

Whilst it is convenient to provide everyone with full access 'just in case they need a file', this does not encourage a safe way of operating. By segregating the network by teams or locations and restricting access to the bare minimum requirements, an organisation can maintain control of their data.

Do your staff really need access to the Internet? This is a simple question often missed by most organisations. Internet access is often a given, but does every member of staff really need it to complete their job? They may enjoy checking personal email or viewing their favourite websites, but if that impacts your business or introduces potential security risks – is it worth it?

Our team have extensive experience in building and managing networks of all sizes. We can advise you on the network and servers required. Using our knowledge of all major server operating systems we can ensure you implement the right one for your network.

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