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Does your organisation have an online presence, run an e-commerce site or deliver other online services? How would your systems cope with a sudden spike in visitors? Consumer research studies consistently identify a slow website as being the biggest turn off when making purchasing decisions. A site taking more than a couple of seconds to load will see a considerable number of visitors abandon their visit in favour of the competition. A website that is offline can result in a loss of confidence even with regular visitors.

Traditional websites are typically run from a single server, which often hosts other websites. These systems have been designed to cope with average load and will normally suffer if your site has a sudden burst in popularity. Worst still, if one of your ‘neighbour’ sites hosted on the same server has a large number of visitors, your site will suffer.

One way to solve this is to dedicate an entire server to hosting your site. But how to you design your server? It would be expensive to design your server with enough capability to deal with an occasional peak in load. This is where cloud computing and scalable infrastructures come in. Instead of purchasing a single server with a fixed specification, you can call on additional resources when you need them and hand them back when the load drops.

Moving away from the traditional fixed server model can bring many benefits. Along with performance, a scalable infrastructure can provide protection against hardware failure whilst reducing overall costs.

Neterix can help you design, implement and manage a scalable, highly available server solution for your website, internal servers or other business critical systems.

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