Simulated Phishing

Email is still the most common method used by attackers to steal information, deliver malware or gain access to your systems. The quality of phishing emails has increased over recent years, meaning more recipients are falling victim to these well-crafted messages.

Providing your staff with regular awareness training is essential, but do you know how effective it is? Our simulated phishing service sends your users messages inspired by real malicious emails we’ve captured to ensure authenticity. The messages encourage the recipient to either click on a link, download a file or enter sensitive data into a fake page. Whilst they follow the patterns used by criminals, our simulations are safe and do not put any data or systems at risk. 

How it works

Our system tracks each message and logs the success rates, detailing how many people may have opened the message, clicked on a link or entered details. After each test you will be provided with a report that includes a description of the messages sent and details of the responses for each one. The report also includes any relevant advice based on the results and can include details of the specific users who responded to the messages if required.

Our service can be delivered as a single test or a programme of quarterly tests. The latter can help you demonstrate continued compliance and can chart the success of your awareness training. 

Pricing is based on the number of staff you require testing and frequency. Please get in touch for a custom quote.


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