Providing practical security solutions for your organisation to help protect your data, assets and staff. Speak to our team of experts and find out how we can help you implement the protection you need. 

Network & Information Security

Protect your IT systems from attackers and ensure your vital data is always available to your organisation.

Intrusion Detection & Honeypots

Do you know who is on your network right now? Our network security solutions monitor your network for attackers or malware.

Scalable Cloud Solutions

Using a blend of cloud services, virtual machines and containers, we can build flexible infrastructures and save you money.

Gambling RTS Security Audits

Independent information security reviews and annual remote gambling security audits.

Simulated Phishing

Run simulated phishing campaigns to establish how protected your organisation is and the level of staff awareness.

Penetration Testing

Test your servers and networks to identify any potential weaknesses an attacker could exploit.

Physical Testing

Digital security can often be bypassed if an attacker can get physical access. Our tests assess your physical security controls.


Keep your staff up-to-date with the latest IT skills through our custom training packages.


Password management tool


Identify intruders on your network

Forensic Tools

Tools for eForensic investigations

Guest WiFi

Managed guest WiFi solutions

Network Monitor

Insights into your network

Media Scanning

Protect against malicious media


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