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Cyber Security Solutions

We provide practical security solutions for your organisation to help protect your data, assets and staff. Speak to our team of experts and find out how we can help you implement the protection you need.

The right services for you

ISO 27001

Information is at the core of most businesses and recent cases of high profile data loss has highlighted how critical it is to protect information within organisations.

Cyber Essentials

Start your journey to compliance by implementing the government's cyber security scheme. We can help you achieve certification and protect your organisation.


The General Data Protection Regulation states how organisations must collect, process and store data. With increased fines for those in breach, it is essential you implement the right controls.

Penetration Testing

Test your servers and networks to identify any potential weaknesses an attacker could exploit. We can provide regular assessments,

Simulated Phishing

Run simulated phishing campaigns to establish how protected your organisation is and the level of staff awareness.

Physical Testing

Digital security can often be bypassed if an attacker can get physical access. Our tests perform an assessment of your physical security controls.

Gambling Commission
Security Audits

Any organisation within the UK offering remote gambling services must comply with the UK Gambling Commission’s set of requirements. Neterix conduct the security audits required to hold a license.


Awareness and technical training can help protect your organisation against the most common threats. Our sessions can help keep your team up-to-date and help you demonstrate best practice.

Business Continuity

Any organisation that relies on IT for at least some part of their activities must consider a business continuity plan. We can help you perform a risk assessment and implement practical plans that will help your business survive.

Network Security

Getting the design and management of your network right can save time, money and help reduce the risk of security incidents. Find out how Neterix can help you get the network you need.

Scalable Cloud Solutions

Using a blend of cloud services, virtual machines and containers like Docker, we can build flexible infrastructures and save you money.

Intrusion Detection & Honeypots

Do you know who is on your network right now? Our network security solutions monitor your network for attackers or malware.




Guest WiFi

Our solutions allow you to control who has access to your network and what they can do when using it.

Password Management

Fed up of trying to remember passwords for every system and website you use?
Try PassEto.

Forensic Tools

In addition to our forensics case management system, we will be soon launching additional tools.


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